2017 World Championships

The First Championship is always an exciting experience. Out of our four years in FRC, this was the team’s third year attending the World Championship.
Our team members enjoying their pits at the championship
We faced many challenges throughout our two days of competition; our biggest setback came from another team ramming our robot, which shattered our gear handling mechanism. Though shocked initially, the team got to work immediately and managed to rebuild the mechanism. We are very grateful to our pit neighbors, team 5417, who aided us throughout the process, giving us lexan along with tools and workspace.
Two of our members working with a member of Team 5417 to help build and replace our gear mechanism.
With their help, we were able to repair our mechanism in just a couple hours, barely within the time before our next match. Another frustrating moment for the team was when we earned our first red card in our club’s history. On a more light hearted note, we were also able to finally use our triple shooter in autonomous mode. The robot was, however, facing the wrong way, and shot into the airship instead of the boiler. Despite these obstacles, we were able to persevere and end the event with four wins and five losses. Although the team did not advance on to playoffs in our division, we were able to learngreatly from our experience with world class teams. We reflected on our experience at the World Championship and throughout the season, and identified areas in which the club could improve in, including increased team organization and design flexibility. We are glad to end our season on a good note, and plan to focus on improving the club over the offseason. Thank you to all that supported our team throughout the season!
To another year in FIRST!
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