FTC 4512

 Team 4512 was founded in 2009 in our mentor’s garage. We have competed for 7 years and since our founding we have slowly expanded and now we even use our school’s old auto shop as our club room. We participate in a three month build season in which we design, build, and test a robot before competing.   

2016-2017: Velocity Vortex

 During the 2016-2017 Season, Team 4512 took part in Velocity Vortex, a game built around picking up wiffle balls and shooting them into a rotating target. We experimented with a new team structure, in which underclassmen would design and build the robot, and upperclassmen would mentor these students. 

The model was a success, giving new members much needed experience before FRC season. We went on to win the Inter-league Tournament with our Alliance partners Syndicate (9441) and RoboVikings (9887), and advanced to the Los Angeles Regional Championship. 


2015-2016: Res-Q

The 2015-2016 season was another successful build for WTR and our robot Allison. At the Monrovia Qualifier, we won the 1st place Inspire Award, as well as being the second place alliance and winning the promote award. We were also finalists for the Motivate award, the PTC Design Award, and the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award. 

Our robot performed even better at the Palmdale Qualifier, where we a part of the Winning Alliance along with Electromedics Red (5380) and Phi Omega (4322) and won the PTC Design Award along with being a finalist for the Control Award . We advanced to the Los Angeles Regional and won the Judges award.


2014-2015: Cascade Effect

The 2013-14 season was a very impressive season for everyone on the team. At the Monrovia Qualifier we were the first place Alliance Captain, we won the Connect Award, and came in 2nd place for the Inspire Award. We were also a finalist for the Innovate Award, Control Award, Motivate Award and PTC Design Award. 

At the Webb Qualifier, we were apart of the winning Alliance with WHS Robotics (542) and the Aluminati (6325), came in 3rd for the Inspire Award, and won the Promote and PTC Design Award along with being a finalist for the Compass award for our head mentor, Mrs. Evans. At both of our qualifiers we went undefeated in all of our matches. 

At the Los Angeles Regional, we were on the winning Alliance with our Alliance partners The Ducks (8471) and Heat it Up and Keep it Cool (8496) and we won the Control Award. We advanced on to Super Regionals for the second time in our club’s history. 


2013-2014: Block Party

 In 2013-2014 season, the team achieved many firsts with its robot Sophie. WTR participated in the 1st Super-Regional Championship in Sacramento and won the Inspire Award, Motivate Award, Promote Award and Think Award. 

WTR also achieved finalist alliance captain status in three competitions, as well as winning the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and being finalists for several other awards, including the PTC Design Award, the Compass Award, the Control Award, and the Connect Award. This was the defining season for WTR, as it marked a time when the team had moved away from pre-fabricated parts, started its FRC team, and became a truly competitive team in the Los Angeles Region. 


2012-2013: Ring It Up

The 2012-2013 season was a foray into a whole new world of FTC for West Torrance Robotics. By choosing to use the non-traditional and complex crab style drivetrain, the team was challenged in newer and unique ways by learning how to engineer and program a more complicated robot. 

The new qualifier-regional-worlds format of competitive play allowed the team to participate in more competitions, and let WTR to continuously improve its robot, (Sarah), up until the Los Angeles Regional. Ring It Up! helped West Torrance Robotics grow tremendously with the (sometimes brutal) lessons it taught (like a wheel falling off in the middle of a match), and molded a significant part of the team’s learn by trying methodology that it still uses. 


2011-2012: Bowled Over

 In the 2011-2012 season, WTR continued its mission of inspiring and enabling students to pursue STEM in our community. After a successful rookie year, we were able to attract more students to join the club. 

With more members, we were able to greatly increase the quality of our robot, Haru, improving upon the building standards of the season prior. We also expanded our participation in FTC competitions, attending the San Deigo Regional alongside the Los Angeles Regional. 


2010-2011: Get Over It

West Torrance Robotic’s inaugural season was one of learning. The club had started out of inspiration from our sister team TorBots (FRC 1197) at South High School, but with limited resources and money, the West High Robotics club began as an FTC team with hopes to eventually expand into our own FRC team. 

Penelope was built using pre-fabricated Tetrix parts to experiment and easily implement design changes, which allowed us to field a competitive robot at the FTC Los Angeles regional. As a first year team, it was an honor to be nominated as a PTC Design Award finalist and paved the way for our success in the FIRST Tech Challenge.