Leadership and Mentors

Our team would not exist without its members, or more importantly, the mentors that help drive this team. Our mentors stand by us watching, helping us when possible, and most of all, inspiring us a future in Engineering, Business, and Programming.


Christy Evans, Teacher Advisor and Head Mentor

Tom Heideman, Integrated Digital Solutions

John Ito, Boeing

Bob Jicha, Epson

Michael Heideman, Alumni

Daniel Heideman, Alumni and founder

David Lee, Northrup Grumman

Thomas Heflinger, Honeywell

Matthew Mizuta, Alumni

Anne Schwing, TUSD

Student Board

Jaewon Hwang, President

Sriram Neravati, Head of Engineering

Aidan Schwing, Head of Design

Joseph Yanez, Head of Programming