FRC 5124

 Team 5124, founded in 2014 as a FIRST Robotics Competition team, has been continuing its growth in STEM in its community for 3 years. As a FIRST Robotics team, we spend 6 weeks to strategize, design, test and build a competition ready robot. This is the team’s 4th year competing. 

2017 - Steamworks

 During our 2017 season, Team 5124’s robot, Jim, named after Christy Evan’s, our head mentor, late husband, participated in both the San Diego and Los Angles Regionals. During the San Diego Regional, we played with many exceptional FIRST teams, finishing in 39th place. 

We then moved onto the Los Angeles Regional, in which we finished on the first place alliance with Alliance Captain CircuitBreakers, Team 696 and alliance member Beach Bots, Team 330. This was our first regional win since our rookie year, allowing for Team 5124 to move onto the World Championships in Houston Texas.

 In Houston, WTR had a valuable learning experience, helping to train our newest members. We will strive to do better next year! 


2016 - Stronghold

During the 2016 season, Team 5124 participated in “FIRST Stronghold” resulting in a great year in which Team 5124 made to Quarter Finals of the LA Regional. We were then Regional Finalists at the Orange County Regional, alongside the MilkenKnights, FRC Team 1836, and CDM Robotics Club, FRC Team 6072. We went to FIRST World Championships and competed in the the Newton Division.


2015 – Recycle Rush

 Our 2nd year was 2015, “Recycle Rush”, in which Team 5124’s Robot, “Bam Bam”, competed in its 2nd year of FRC at the Long Beach Arena. The team was successful and competed in the Finals, coming out as Regional Finalists. 

Our team competed with TorBots, FRC Team 1197, and Blue Thunder, FRC Team 2443. Our team also competed at San Diego and made it to the Semi-Finals with The Biomechs, FRC Team 841, and Hammer Heads, FRC Team 1572.


2014 – Aerial Assist

 Our rookie year was 2014, “Aerial Assist”. Our robot was a strong competitor at the LA FRC Regional and competed in the finals, joining the Winning Alliance with Beach Cities, FRC Team 294, and D’Penguineers, FRC Team 1717. 

The team advanced to World Championships in St. Louis, ranking 42 in the Newton Division in our rookie year.